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Sometimes people want the variety that PowerPlay offers, but would like a less expensive option. Rod & Pam are available for any event that fits that bill. Check out our schedule and book us for your next event.

Upcoming Appearances: (6pm start on all gigs)

​Feb.18 (Sunday) Crawford's Bar & Grill 

Feb.25 (Sunday) Parker's Bistro

​​March 4 (Sunday) Crawford's Bar & Grill

March 25 (Sunday) Parker's Bistro

​April 4 (Wednesday) The Attic (Associate's side)

​April 15 (Sunday) Crawford's Bar & Grill

​April 27 (Friday) Market Grill on Minnesota Ave.

May 9 (Wednesday) The Attic (Associate's side)

​May 25 (Friday) Market Grill on Minnesota Ave.

​June 22 (Friday) Market Grill on Minnesota Ave. 7-9

July 29 (Sunday) Crawford's Bar & Grill

Sept. 2 (Sunday) Crawford's Bar & Grill

​Sept. 9 (Sunday) Tinner's Bar & Grill 5-8

Sept. 26 (Wednesday) Associate's Bar & Grill

Sept. 30 (Sunday) Crawford's Bar & Grill

​​Oct. 24 (Wednesday) Associate's Bar & Grill

​Nov. 9 (Friday) Red Rock Bar